In this episode I’m laying it all out on the table while I open up about my pleasure practice awakening. It feels super vulnerable to put out there, but also important for those that are interested. We all have our own path when it comes to our sexuality and our healing journey. Even though I was quite permiscuous as a teenager and young woman, I found myself as a 30 year old who had never masturbated. Up until then sex and pleasure had always involved someone else, it had never fully been my own.

Self pleasure completely changed that, and through a dedicated self pleasure practice my self confidence skyrocketed, my relationship bloomed and I was able to slow down and become the present and patient mom I knew I was meant to be. It’s funny to say, but a little pink clit sucker changed my whole life, and here I am teaching women like you because I know just how powerful this work is. The biggest transformation comes through exploring the taboo because it stops all the avoiding and stuffing down feelings so we can come face to face to love, accept, and embrace our whole selves, shadows and all. That by healing through pleasure we come back home to ourselves and our bodies and and are able to show up in the world the way we’ve always wanted.

Tune Into The Episode

Unveiling Taboos: My Pleasure Practice Awakening

  • Personal Journey: Overcoming Disconnection After Motherhood (04:05)
  • Partnering with Vush and Discovering Pleasure Practices (10:22)
  • Layla Martin’s Coaching Program: A Shift in Life Perspective (18:15)
  • Pleasure as a Transformative Pathway (22:55)
  • Invitation to the Free Event: Revitalize Mom (26:40)
  • Deep Dive into Pleasure Practices for Moms (28:50)

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