Hi, I’m Jannine,
your Sexual Empowerment Coach!

I’m on a mission to empower women worldwide to experience deeper connection and more expansive pleasure in all areas of their lives.

Promiscuity was familiar territory throughout my teens and 20s. Seeking comfort and validation in all of the wrong places, pleasure and intimacy always had to do with someone else. Then I came crashing into motherhood and completely lost myself. With four years of back to back pregnancies and breastfeeding, it felt like my body wasn’t my own. It was of service to others, an honourable service, but disconnecting nonetheless. 

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As my daughter turned two, I set out on a path to reclaim my body as my own. What started out as personal discovery through a commitment to myself, turned into an awakening that had greater impacts than I could’ve imagined. Through pursuing the taboo of sexuality, I was able to meet my deepest darkest shadows with love, understanding, and acceptance. I reclaimed my body, fun and playfulness reignited my marriage, and I became the present mom I knew I was meant to be. 

Unapologetic Coaching was created in dedication to this potent work. There’s something so magical about women coming back home to their body and connecting with their sexual life force energy. They become radiant, magnetic, in flow, and delighted with life, creating ripple effects throughout their families, and communities, changing the world one yoni breathwork session at a time. 

We work in service of amplifying this ripple effect through our podcast, downloadable embodiment practices, and an array of programs and coaching.

I’ve received over 750 hours of comprehensive training with Layla Martin,  Marina Nabao, and Cory Scott to become a certified VITA Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach.

My practice incorporates the modern science of neurobiology and attachment therapy, and blends it with the ancient wisdom of Tantra and Tao for a uniquely transformative experience. Rather than focussing on talking through what’s going on, we dive into the body to work with your nervous system and subconscious on a deeper level. Through this approach we’re able to see why you’re stuck in your patterns, and are able to update your system to your current and desired reality. By incoporating regular embodiment practices and breaks, you’re provided with the tools and space you need to truly integrate this work into your life.

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“I’ve been doing therapy work for years. Some have been talk sessions, others have been EMDR, but nothing beats my Tuesdays with Jannine.

I have accessed more with her in this last almost year than in all the years put together. 

Nothing beats pausing your time and going within to find the answers. Your body and mind know exactly how to heal yourself. You just have to give the space to be heard.”

Taylor A.