“Through slowness we connect with the wisdom that resides within.”

– Jannine MacKinnon

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Unapologetic Practices Collection

For the woman ready to reclaim her body, her sexuality, and her feminine essence.

Are you a woman who:

Lacks womanly confidence in your current stage in life?

Frustrated with what your body has/is going through?

Feels like your sexuality is a thing of the past?

Is tired of being in your masculine go-go-go energy?

Knows there’s more pleasure available, but isn’t sure how to get there?

The Unapologetic Practices Collection is here to support you in:

  • Cultivating deep self love, safety, and belonging.
  • Feeling confident in your body and all areas of your life.
  • Feeling the ease and flow of softening into your feminine energy.
  • Using your body and inner wisdom as power and fuel.
  • Awakening the sensations in your yoni and rekindling your sexual, radiant spark.
  • Manifesting a thriving, happy, purposeful reality.

Jannine’s meditation’s are amazing. Her voice is very soothing and the guided practices she takes you through is like nothing I’ve experienced before….and I love it!  If you are looking to reconnect with yourself, and be more present then try these!!
– L. W.

Feeling empowered and pleasurable in your body is your birthright.

Access your inner power, radiate confidence, have expansive orgasms, bring passion into your relationship, and feel present enjoying the simple everyday moments of life.

Embodiment Practices

Meditations, embodiment, breathwork, and pleasure practices at your fingertips.

Nourish Through Pleasure

Five hours of content to completely upgrade your self care routine.


Two new recordings every month to expand your practice.

Intro Pricing:

Annual – $122.22 CAD ($50 in savings when you choose annual)

BONUS: Receive a 90 minute complimentary Carnelian Coaching Session with an annual purchase, a $189 value*

– or –

$14.44 CAD monthly

*Offer ends June 18th

When asked if participants would recommend Nourish Through Pleasure to a friend and what they would say, Nataliya shared,

“You will be reminded that YOU matter and you need to put yourself first to make sure everyone else around you is helped. You will also start to connect with yourself and your inner desires.”

Hi, I’m Jannine,

Your Sexual Empowerment Coach

If you’d like, you can think of me as your guide who calls you out on your self deprecating cycles, while encouraging you to align with your highest self. 

And one of the worst self deprecating cycles women have today is sh!tty boundaries and keeping busy for the sake of productivity at the expense of their connection, health, and vitality. 

Thankfully this cycle can be stopped in its tracks through a regular meditation practice and a weekly date night with yourself to slow the f#ck down and build a relationship with yourself and your body, and these Unapologetic Practices are designed to help you with just that! 

Whether you want to dip your toes, or go all in, we have a practice for you to come back home to yourself and embrace your power as the divine feminine being you are!


The meditations and practices vary in length from 15 – 30ish minutes.
All content is accessed through our Circle hub with your login information emailed to you. You can connect to Circle through your internet browser or the app for Android or iOS. It’s there that you can access your trainings, pleasure practice recordings, and get support through our community. All practices can be downloaded to the device of your choosing.
You have complete control over what you consent to participate in. All pleasure practices are an invitation, penetration and even touching are not mandatory. All pleasure practices can be done energetically, and alternatives can be offered for your unique situation.
Everyone has their own journey and their own speed at which they open up their sexuality. I am here to support you in whatever way that looks like for you in a fully consensual way. 
All  practices are designed for beginners and can be enjoyable for those who are more advanced too! Every meditation, breathwork, and pleasure practice has notes walking you through what to expect beforehand.
Take you time and work through things in a way that works for you. If you are new to this kind of work it’s common to feel clunky at first, but don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Through your practice and dedication things will come together and feel more fluid as you build your connection with your body and pleasure through these tools.
Our community is also available for any questions or celebrations that come up along the way.