Embodiment Practices are the key piece to my transformation from overwhelmed, disconnected, and short tempered, to feeling confident using my voice and in my authentic expression, and cultivating my sexual life force energy for a passionate marriage and passionate, present life. In this week’s episode I break down exactly how embodiment practices does this and how you can tap into this magic to unlock new levels of confidence and sexual desire  🔥

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Unlock New Levels of Confidence and Sexual Desire With Embodiment Practices

  • Confidence Is A Learned Skill
  • Cultivating Sexual Desire
  • How Embodiment Practices Play a Role
  • Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Pleasure Practices
  • Creating a Dedicated Embodiment Practice

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Book Mentioned: Confidence Code by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman

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Do you know how when it comes to exercise or different kinds of movement, it can be really easy to kind of fall on and off the bandwagon. We know how good it is for us, yet we talk ourselves out of it. But when we’re doing it, It feels good. We feel so good when we’re in it and we can keep that momentum going.

And when we are in our flow, doing a workout or hiking or dance class or yoga or whatever it might be, say two, three or so times a week, it feels great. Not only do we Feel strong. Our mental health is so much clearer. It helps our moods, helps our focus, just our overall, how we feel, and it makes a really big impact on our life.

And we can be in the flow, be on top of it, doing it, and then life happens. We kind of, Peter. And it can be this like ebb and flow and I find it really interesting because it’s something that we know is so good for us, it feels good when we’re in it, yet it can be so easy to fall off that bandwagon.

It can be so easy to talk ourselves out of it or to try something new can feel super intimidating. And I find that is a really strong correlation to embodiment practices. I was actually talking with a friend recently and we had this conversation where embodiment practices are so similar. It’s something that when we do it, it feels so good to do it.

It’s like, well, why was I talking myself out of this? And. That goes to say,, it’s really easy to just kind of talk ourselves out of it, push it to the side. Life is busy, meh. But when we are in it, when we are building that momentum, staying committed to ourselves, doing an embodiment practice two, three times a week, it’s It feels so good.

Every time we return to our practice, it’s like, yes, I love doing this. We see the impact it makes on our lives. We feel confident. We feel that sexual desire popping up. Our sense of. Internal safety gets more and more solidified. We’re able to be more present with our family, with our partners, we’re able to cultivate that sense of self love and really hold ourselves in our emotions.

So we can come from that place of intention rather than reactionary and having kind of that short temper and stuff like that, without regular embodiment practice, where. More easily able to just really stay grounded in ourselves, really feel in alignment. And with that really feel our vitality flowing.

We have more gusto to do the things that we love doing. And we’re able to just really be there in the moment instead of kind of passing along with the busyness of the day yet again. It is something we can talk ourselves out of, and it is something that, especially if you’re not very familiar with embodiment practices, can be kind of intimidating.

Can be kind of like, hmm, what is this like kind of unknown murky thing that I’m hearing about? I don’t know if I want to try that. What am I getting myself into?

And that is what we are digging into in today’s episode. Unlock new levels of confidence and sexual desire with embodiment practices.

And so a lot of those impacts or side effects of embodiment practices that I just mentioned in terms of the confidence, sexual desire building, that sense of safety and self love really being cultivated from within, that radiance that really begins to glow from the inside out, being in your feminine flow because you really have that sense of power.

Presence, you’re able to, enjoy, relish in all of those. Simple moments in the day and able to really tap into that sexual creative energy, be able to pursue those creative pursuits.

And so a lot of those side effects that I just mentioned previously of embodiment practices, like that

growing confidence, that building sexual desire, that sense of safety and self love that comes from within. In that true foundation that starts with you, that you’re able to pour out into your life are all skills that can be acquired.

Now, I don’t think it’s the norm for many women, many people in general to just, Oh, Be confident, be tapped into their sexual desire, their life force, energy to really feel safe and feel this sense of belonging. But really, honestly, isn’t that common and we can get caught up in that. critical thinking in that fear of judgment and do ourselves a disservice when we don’t think of it as a skill that can be learned and cultivated because it truly is.

And when you take time to really work with embodiment practices as well as coaching, but for this. conversation with embodiment practices, when you are able to commit to yourself, be devoted and dedicated to a practice that’s two to three times a week, you are truly able to cultivate that confidence and that sexual desire from the inside out.

So confidence, we’ll kind of break this down a little bit more. Confidence is a skill that can be learned. I have a book behind me, The Confidence Code by Cady K and Claire Shipman, or sorry, Claire Shipman. I will link it in the show notes. It’s a really interesting book, especially if you like to geek out on things.

There’s a lot of great research in there and they’ve broken down how confidence This truly is a skill that can be learned and cultivated through practice, through baby steps, building one thing on top of each other, on top of each other. As well, there are certain indicators and when you have things like higher levels of Dopamine and serotonin and different happy hormone chemicals.

You are more confident and

embodiment practices really supports you in cultivating these happy hormone chemicals from within, as well as rewiring those neural networks. So you can truly feel safe being seen. Truly feel confident in who you are and be able to rewire your system so you can kind of let go of that strong, strong hold that inner critic has.

And yes, that inner critic, that fear of judgment is always going to be there in one way or another. It’s a part of us. It’s a deep rooted societal shit. And through embodiment practices and other work, we can build this relationship with it and build that sense of confidence within and not have more of this toxic relationship with that inner critic or that fear of judgment or that fear that we hold ourselves back because of, we can actually choose to have a healthy relationship.

Relationship with this piece to see what is going on, understand why it’s popping up and come from a place of groundedness, again, having that presence, having that stability within and carrying on and creating those building blocks for building our sense of confidence.

Similarly, when it comes to sexual desire.

It is something that grows many women going through various phases of our life.

We can go through many different body changes and phases when it comes to say pregnancy, motherhood, perimenopause, menopause, different health challenges. Um, there’s such widespread health issues for women when it comes to uterus health fertility health, breast health, and all of these can have a big impact on both our confidence and our sexual desire. And a lot of modern medicine will just tell us like, oh, that’s just how it is. Like, you can just expect this for the rest of your life. It may dwindle more, but that isn’t the reality.

There are so many other ways to cultivate that sexual desire from within and embodiment practices. It’s a really beautiful way of doing that again, through that dedication with yourself from being able to tap into, to awaken to your sacred chakra, to your feminine essence, to that sexual energy, that life force energy that flows through your body.

It is an amazing. Part of you, whether or not you have your organs, your female organs, whether it’s again, those health challenges, you still have that space within you. And it is there for you to tap into and to use, to find power through and to be able to build that sexual desire. And again, that confidence.

And when you explore more of that, The pleasure practices side of the embodiment practices, which I will get into more. But with that, you can think of how the more orgasms you have, the more you want. And when you practice that with yourself, cultivating that sense of safety, really learning your body, what you like, how to work with how you are instead of how you feel like you’re supposed to be.

You can really begin to cultivate that sexual desire as well as the confidence, that sense of safety and self love. Because

the more you connect with your body and the more you know yourself, the more you can tap into your desire, into this love. Life force energy within you and use it when and how you want, which is really beautiful.

And I think it is one of our feminine powers and our intuition goes right along with this because again, that is from our feminine flow, our Oracle, our inner knowing, our feminine wisdom, our feminine genius. There are many different authors, or gurus that talk about it in different ways, but it is very strongly tied with our sacral energy center.

And so, what type of embodiment practices support this? For me, and Like,

what is embodiment practices, right? I think everyone is going to have a different flavor, a different definition for it. For me, I use that as an umbrella term for meditations, breath work, and pleasure practices. Now, they each have their own flavor, they each have their own way of helping others.

with all of these different things, but essentially they all have a common thread in terms of the embodiment practices in how I put it through in the Unapologetic Practices Collection, is that they are a guide for you to embody different states of being or to embody different versions of yourself. And through doing that, you are creating new neural pathways to be able to rewire your nervous system, to be able to have the state of being, be more automatic for you.

And let’s, we’ll break it down a little bit more. So when it comes to meditations, You are able to bring yourself into a more present, opened up state. You are able to tap into the subconscious, really working with that presence. Opening yourself up, being in that parasympathetic nervous system state, in that rest and digest.

You are more susceptible to information. Your brain waves change. And so through guided practices, You are able to reprogram these different belief systems or these different states of being. And so I will give an example. In my honeypot meditation, which I do have available for a free download for you to check out if you’re interested.

I’ll link it in the show notes and it is unapologetic practices collection. It is actually one of my favorites from beginning my VEDA training or my first experience. And so it is a 12 minute guided meditation that supports you in connecting with your sensual radiance. And what I walk you through in that meditation is you get into that calm, relaxed state, being open to take in new information, new beliefs.

And then we start out envisioning a honeypot. So it can look any way.

But within this honeypot has golden, thick, luxurious honey. And we stir this honeypot and add in different ingredients that we want to embody in our sensual radiance. And so this is going to look different for everyone, but perhaps you might want to put in confidence, sensuality, maybe a bit of sassiness.

Or flirtatiousness. And you add in these ingredients and mix it into this thick, delicious honey. And then I guide you through pouring this honey on your body and your sexual organs. Going from your tummy, your vulva, back to your anus. Because Your butthole is a fabulous sexual organ and can be a portal to God.

And then we move up your vaginal canal, to your uterus, to your ovaries, really permeating this honey through your body. Through these different places within you that connects you to your sensuality, to your feminine essence. And what this meditation is doing is really rewiring that connection you have to these emotions, to these states of being.

Being with these different areas of your body. So it is a fantastic tool. If you’re someone who, if your partner goes to put their hand on your tummy and you shy away and get super self conscious, or if you’ve been taught that While those vaginas are stinky or gross or weird or whatever it may be, you’ve been programmed for years or decades of having these belief systems.

So this meditation through a regular practice really rewires those belief systems to be of ones that you choose to have rather than what you’ve been automatically programmed by from your lived experiences. Now, when we go into breath work, it really takes things a step further. Breath work is just this incredible tool that we all have access to.

We don’t need any like extra things, which is what I think is just incredible with a lot of these embodiment practices. They are so accessible and readily available to all of us. We all have our breath. And so we have access to this incredible tool that opens ourselves up that much more. So through an activating breath, we are able to open up both our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

We’re able to come even more online, more opened up and susceptible to bringing in information and through the breath. We are able to move through and release different emotional blockages that have been stored in the body. Because whenever we have different experiences, and we don’t complete that stress cycle, we store them in the body in different ways.

So perhaps if we’re thinking about self consciousness, we have heard different things or had a certain experience that when we Look in the mirror, we feel a certain way, and that feeling a certain way has a certain bodily sensation.

Perhaps we’re going to hunch over, make ourselves small so we’re not really seen.

Perhaps we might have a sinking feeling in the pit of our stomach, or clenching in our hands. And so all of this is signs of how these experiences, these emotions have been stored in our body. And through a tool like Breathwork, we’re able to move through and release some of these sticky parts that lie within us.

And to be able to rewire them with different beliefs, with different experiences or states of being.

So again, I will give you an example. The self love embodiment breathwork practice is again within the Unapologetic Practices collection and you know what, again, it is one of my favourites from the beginning of my VEDA training and it is just this beautiful practice for again opening ourselves up on this deeper level than what meditation offers.

It’s really opening up our body, our nervous system, being able to clear some of those blockages of self judgment, that inner critic. And through my guidance, you’re able to cultivate new levels. of self love, really feeling what love feels like for yourself. Perhaps that means starting with understanding, then acceptance, then moving to love.

And what I walk you through incorporates rewiring your system for that sense of safety and belonging. That comes from within, that creates this beautiful foundation for how you show up in all of your relationships. And so through having a regular embodiment practice, if this is a particular area you’re wanting to work through, the self love embodiment practice is so supportive in cultivating that sense of safety, belonging, and love that is that foundation for you.

Confidence, and so that is how breathwork plays a role into it, and I have many other options available within the Unapologetic Practices collection again, um, and I’m not sure if I said it, but I will definitely link that in the show notes for you and give you some more information on it in a little while.

And then pleasure practices. So pleasure practices, again, take things a step deeper. You are fully open online. It is an activating practice, much like breathwork, and breathwork can be paired with pleasure practices as well. You can kind of play and dance between them, which I personally love to do. But again, you are having your parasympathetic, your sympathetic nervous system fully open, fully online, and then you are beginning to activate your different senses, because that’s what sensuality is.

really is, is being able to drop in and to just revel into the beauty, the deliciousness of your different senses. And again, this can be a range of what pleasure is for you, depending on just Running your fingers along her arm or in your hair, smelling some essential oil or a scented candle or ramping things up a bit with even more touches.

And so an example of this is with the sex magic practice that is available in the Unapologetic Practices collection. And so when you are able to be super opened up online, and another really interesting thing is when you have all five senses firing, your taste, your smell, your sight, um, sorry, I’m losing track, your taste, smell, touch, feel, hear, all of these as they are activated, actually fire different areas of your brain.

So you are truly bringing yourself.

I think it’s really one of the only ways to bring yourself this activated, this open. And then again, you are able to choose what you want to program yourself while you were in this state. So you can weave pleasure into the self love embodiment breathwork if you want to take it a step further, or when it comes to the sex magic.

practice. As you are in that pleasurable state, having that super pwned sexual energy, that life force energy flowing through you, you are able to truly embody that state of having that which you desire. I walk you through, I guide you through the process of becoming this woman, this version of you. Who has what you are seeking, what does she sound like, how does she hold herself, what kind of decisions does she make?

And from this opened up, fully online state, you’re able to take in this information and rewire it into your body, into your nervous system. And again, through that dedicated practice, two to three times a week. You are able to shift your state of being to become more and more in alignment with this version of you that has that which you desire.

And so those are the three different types of practices that I put underneath that umbrella of embodiment practices. Now you can mix dance in as well, which I think is a really fun one, and dance can go hand in hand with breathwork and pleasure practices. I will be adding some more of those to the collection in the future, and I do some of those embodiment practices.

Personally, and I walk through clients as well. It can be a really fun way of moving your hips, moving the energy in your sacral chakra and really flowing and tapping into that sexual energy, building that sense of confidence and joy and presence.

And so when you have this dedicated practice two to three times a week with various embodiment practices, like I just touched on, and the unapologetic practices I believe has, um, between eight and 10 with around five more being added within the next couple of weeks, with at least two practices added every single month, you are able to really program yourself.

You are able to get to know yourself, what you want, what you desire. And that is so clouded over, unfortunately, for so many women, because

we have spent most of our lives disconnecting ourself, or just Disconnecting ourselves from our body, from our emotions, making us feel small, hold ourselves back from using our voice, doing what we should do, and again, just holding ourselves back and all of that creates this huge disconnection.

with ourselves. And so embodiment practices is that tool to build that relationship with our body, with who we are again, and really choose like, okay, I have these belief systems. I have these reactions. I have this way of being, getting curious, where does this come from? And how do I want to choose to believe?

And again, like coaching can help dig into this further. Absolutely. And there’s a lot you can do yourself and really working through a dedicated embodiment practice. And when you do this,

when you tap into this with such devotion, you are truly able to hold yourself with new levels of confidence, feeling confident walking into any room.

No matter who’s there, you’re able to tap in to your sexual energy. You are able to cultivate it for yourself and be able to use it in ways that suit whatever you have going on, whether that is the connection with yourself, the connection with your partner, or in creation of different projects. So whether that is in business or work or other creative endeavors, really beautifying your home.

There are many different ways you can play around with this. And that is part of our feminine power.

And at the list can just go on and on and on, having a dedicated practice like this. For me, it started out with those weekly date nights with myself. And I have another episode, I can’t remember the number of it off the top of my head, but I will link it in the show notes. But it started with that weekly date night with myself.

And that was journaling, meditation, sometimes dance, sometimes tarot. And that is what began my journey. And as I learned more about sacred sexuality, about embodiment practices, I cultivated this practice that, of course, ebbs and flows. I’m absolutely not perfect, but when I am on top of things, it is three or more times a week and it feels amazing.

And, like, full honesty, me being human, There are also times where a week, honestly, I will say meditation has become a lot more automatic for me. And I do tap into that in shorter forms now a lot more easily. So that does happen on every few days. But when it comes to the longer form embodiment practices, doing breath work or pleasure practices, it can be a couple few weeks that go by and I feel it, I notice it.

And then just like that exercise metaphor from the beginning, I know I see the impact it’s making. And so I need to pick it up and get back into it again. dedicated practice with yourself makes a world of difference for how you feel and how you are and how you’re able to show up in the world. So if you’re intrigued by any of this, if you’re interested, again, I have the unapologetic practices collection.

There is a 14 day free trial for you to try it out. See how it fits for you. If you sign up for annual before June 18th and choose to continue past the trial, I am offering a bonus of a free 90 minute carnelian coaching session with me. So that in itself is worth 175, which is more than what the annual for the collection is currently priced at in its introductory pricing.

So that is a no brainer to me. And on June 8th, Sorry, and on June 18th, I will also be doing a live practice. So you will be able to be in the energy of togetherness as I guide you through a practice. it’s, it’s so fun. There’s a different level when we really gather, of course, in our own private spaces.

Camera off. but it’s just, it’s really beautiful and it takes it to a whole other level. So that is my invitation to you. Again, that’s June 18th. I’ll be doing the live practice. If you choose to sign up for annual, I will give you that bonus 90 minute carnelian coaching session with me. So that will be amazing.

I look forward to connecting those that are a full fuck yes to this. I know they are ready to devote this time to themselves to shift their internal state and create that ripple effect that flows into how you show up for your family and your friends and therefore how they call themselves and how they show up in the world.

If you have any questions at all, I’m always here and everything will be linked in the show notes. So until next time, trust your inner wisdom and make some magic.