Saying yes and figuring it out later has been a motto of my life for quite some time. It’s what lead me to exactly where I am today, living a life I love with my family, building a business in something I’m truly passionate about, making an impact with women all around the world. And it took doing the scary thing over, and over and over again. It took breaking up with boys I love, quiting jobs, putting myself through school, getting our home, and leaving my previous business behind. And it was all worth it.

I see too many women hold themselves back believing the little gremlin on their shoulder, ultimately distrusting themselves and their ability to do the thing. But this isn’t going to be you anymore! We’re hear to say yes and figure it out later, and if you need some extra motivation to get shit done and make things happen, then tune into this episode, and get ready to get fired up.

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How Saying Yes Will Change Your Life

  • Why saying yes is so important
  • How women hold themselves back from the things that they want
  • How saying yes and figuring it out later has served me in my life
  • You are pure magic and can create massive shifts in your life
  • How limiting beliefs have gotten in your way for decades or generations
  • How to take your healing journey deeper to uproot the things that keep you stuck


Hello, today we are talking about how saying yes. Yes will change your life and this comes from a motto of mine that is along the lines of say yes and figure it out later. And it’s something that’s really served me quite well over the years and something I see a lot of different women get stuck on in different ways and it tends to hold them back from that next step.

thing. So that is what we are going to dig into today. And so this idea of saying yes, it is a full body fuck yes. And sometimes, oftentimes, there’s definitely some fear tied into it and it takes a little bit of learning the differences between those different sensations in your body and your mind, because we might get that like a little gremlin saying different things in our ears.

So that’s the different fear coming up while we know, like deep in our body that we really, truly want to do this thing, whatever it is. So that’s that full body, fuck yes, while still understanding that there can be some fear that pops up, but that tends to be more of the ego side of things.

And so to be able to have space for this saying yes and figuring it out later, , We also need to have this foundation of being really great at saying no as well, because when we really understand our no, and that’s understanding the feelings, that pop up when

we’re faced with a different situation or decision, that’s when our body tells us no and often we’ve kind of overrode this feeling and we say yes for others even though we know it’s not right for us. So this whole idea of saying yes does really require this foundation of no to give us space. To be able to say the fuck yes.

And the reason why I want to talk about this today is it’s something that’s been like bubbling up under the surface for quite a while. it came up in little different ways on a recent podcast recording that I was on with Joanne Callaghan.

I will share the details for that when it’s out. That was a really fun episode. And I just love seeing the way this work and the way we really dig into these conversations and actually tap into that sexual energy, seeing the impact it can have, just from those conversations.

Like the way Joanne came into the conversation and the way she was. When we left, was a really incredible shift to witness. So I will share that episode with you once it is ready. but within that conversation, what came up is saying yes and saying no. And really understanding what that is within us.

And then even today at the Sooke Women in Business group that I’m a part of, I was at a meeting and it came up as well and that’s how I built this podcast, how I became a part of the 262, Women’s Project. That includes me being a part of a book and me being a part of a speaking summit.

All of these things came from a place of me saying yes and figuring it out later.

And I’ve been noticing hearing a lot of these limiting beliefs come up when I have been in conversation with other women. So this might sound like, Oh, I need to do X, Y, Z first. Oh, I can never do that. I could never wear that. It looks great, but like, Oh, I could never wear that.

Or, Oh, I just,

I want to avoid having that conversation. Or I don’t know how I would approach that with my partner. That’s too hard. I don’t have time for that. So all of these different thoughts come up and often that is a little gremlin on our shoulder trying to talk us out of things, trying to keep us in this safe realm and not do these new things that, yes, They can be hard, they can be challenging, but listening to these different limiting beliefs is keeping people stuck.

It keeps you stuck in the same job that you don’t like, that you’ve known for years and years and years that you don’t want to be in, but you’re stuck in those golden handcuffs because it pays well, it’s safe, it’s stable. Your family all thinks that that’s where you should be. So you just go along with it.

Even though in your body, you know, it’s not where you want to be.

It keeps people in relationship dynamics that really are not serving them, keeps women playing small and stifling their creativity and just being caught up in the day to day, not liking it, but feeling like there’s no way out because it’s totally normalized to feel overwhelmed to not like the day to day of your life, but also feel powerless to do anything about it, which is so, so wrong.

You’re so powerful. You can create these changes. And yes, there might be challenges. It might be hard and

the reality is, is you can create this change. You have the power to create the life you want, the relationship you want, the career or business you want. The lifestyle you want, it is all doable and achievable for you. And the simple fact is the perfect time will never come. It’s not easy.

If it was, everyone would be doing it. It is a challenge, but it’s a challenge that you are fully capable of handling. And if you want to live the life that you want, you’re going to have to do new and uncomfortable things. If you want to live something that is different than your current reality, that means you need to do different things.

And doing different things is always uncomfortable and clunky and awkward at the beginning. And we get better with it the more we practice and all of a sudden it’s going to become something that is completely natural to us.

And creating the life we want often requires us to take risks. Doing the uncomfortable thing, the new thing, especially if it’s something that Those around you have not done before, especially if it comes to investing in yourself in one way or another.

There’s risks associated with that. And it takes saying yes, even though you’re scared. Even though other people might not understand. Even though we’re not sure how we’re going to make it work out. And figure out a way to make it work. And trust yourself. That you will make it work. That when you invest in yourself, when you make changes, that you can hold yourself through that.

And this mindset of saying yes and figuring it out later or saying yes to myself, to what I know deep down in my body and soul is what I want, even though it is super hard, even though I have those different negative things talking in my head or on my shoulder.

It has all helped me create the life that I have now, one that I absolutely love. And that has meant I’ve had to do some difficult things throughout my life, making those difficult choices that meant choosing to break up with boys I loved, to leave jobs and find others that were more suitable, to put myself through school well.

Everyone around me was partying and doing other things because I knew that that would lead me on the path to the life I wanted to create for myself. It is the undercurrent of what led us to get into the house we are now in and saying yes to a random email my husband got saying yes to just doing the next steps and before we knew it.

We had the house that we now live in, and we did not expect we would have been in that situation just a few months prior, or have been really ready for it. Like, we moved when my oldest was just four months old. It was a whirlwind. Within a year, we, Got engaged, found out we were pregnant, got married, and got a house.

Like, it was a lot in a year, and each of those things, took

saying yes and figuring it out later, and it has really served us well to do that. And another way that it really served me well was leaving my established content creator platform that I had spent years developing and growing and building.

I put so many hours and sleepless nights into creating this thing in hopes that it was what I wanted to do and it got to a point where I knew it just wasn’t working. That it wasn’t right for me that I wanted more and I had my tower moment where everything was crumbling down where I had to really face things.

And ultimately I decided to completely walk away from it and start fresh. To double down and to go into my coaching certification course. At the beginning of really thinking that just the content creating and stuff like that wasn’t working for me I would have had no idea I was doing what I am now But I followed what felt true to me and it was scary as fuck To just leave The thing I had spent years and years growing and building, and some people may think of it as a failure.

Some people may be like, why would you do that? Like it was in such a good spot, you were making a steady income from it. Why would you just walk away from that and start brand new from the bottom with something else? And it was, again, me saying yes to what I knew was true for me and trusting myself in the process to just figure it out.

And that’s because all of those artificial achievements and those accolades and different things that people look up to and think are great and that your life is going well in a certain area. That’s not the true personal fulfillment, right? That’s why so many women are in the position that they are is because they have spent their life living up to expectations, checking the boxes, doing the things that they’re supposed to be doing.

And they end up getting to a point of not feeling fulfilled because fulfillment doesn’t come from checking those boxes. It comes from inside. And a big part of that, well, there is. The relationship with yourself is huge, and it’s taking that aligned action, coming more and more into alignment with the choices you make, with the actions you take, with the people you associate with yourself.

And the more you do that, the more you find yourself truly, truly fulfilled and absolutely loving where your life is. And it can be really scary to do those things. And that all comes back to that saying yes and figuring it out later,

I believe every woman is pure magic and has limitless potential with the support of the universe at her back. And what it really takes is taking that aligned action like I just touched on, making those choices, setting those expectations, creating boundaries, saying no and understanding that saying no is saying yes to yourself. That was a really big perspective shift for me that I’m not like, Saying, no, I’m not completely closing things down. I’m actually opening up a door. I’m opening up a door to myself, to what is truly aligned for me, to my energy, to my family.

And so that power of no is really important as well. And understanding that yes piece that’s tied to it.

And so do the scary thing, be uncomfortable and trust yourself to make it happen. That’s what the missing piece really is, I think, is to truly trust yourself. Because most women know what they want.

You think about it all the time. You think about what life would be like having a different way of living, a different partner, a different job, whatever it might be. You think about putting yourself out there, doing the thing, and yet you hold yourself back because you don’t trust yourself. You’re scared of how your life will change and how you’ll handle that. You’re scared of how your partner will react and how you’ll handle that situation. You’re scared you’ll fuck it all up, perhaps like you fucked it all up in the past.

Perhaps it’s going to end up even worse than it is now. And sure, all of these things are reasonable fears. Absolutely. But how likely are they to really end up in those worst case scenarios? You’ve been able to handle every single thing you have been through up until this point. So, isn’t it actually, I’m trying to think of the right word, probable.

Isn’t it actually highly probable that you’ll be able to handle whatever you say yes to? That you will be able to figure out how to make it happen? Because that is what you’ve done before. What if you trusted yourself so much you knew that whatever happened, that you fucking got it? That you know how to handle it. That no matter what tower moments you face, where everything crumbles down around you, that you fucking got it.

That you will work through it. You will do what you need to do. And that it will all work out for the better. That you will learn, you will grow, and that you will end up in a more aligned place through it all.

And realistically, it’s quite unlikely that shit will hit the fan. Like, sure, sometimes shit will hit the fan, and often in those instances, it’s actually quite necessary. It shows you that things aren’t working, that you need to make a change. And when it comes to many things going on in your mind, The worst case scenario isn’t generally going to happen, even when it’s a really big, intense situation.

Generally, the worst case scenario is more so happening in your anxious mind and it doesn’t end up playing out that way. you are a prepared woman, you are hardworking, you are dedicated, you believe in yourself, you believe in your magic. If you were, if you are listening to this podcast right now, even if you have a bunch of self doubt, there is an inkling of you at the least, if not more than that, that you believe in yourself, that you see your magic.

You know what is possible and sometimes we just need to fan that flame to be able to build that confidence. Take those steps. So whatever it is that is nudging you, creating new dynamics in your relationship, taking that speaking gig, building a new business, moving your family, investing in yourself or in your passions, whatever it is, Trust yourself, know that you can make it through, and that through doing the scary thing, your life will change for the better.

Now, if you’re listening to this and thinking about doing those things, to saying yes, doing the big scary thing, and you feel paralyzed, or no matter how hard you try and you’ve tried, you just can’t do it, or you’re constantly listening to this little gremlin on your shoulder who convinces you that you can’t.

And so if this is you, first, I just, I want you to know you’re not alone, that that is so common. That’s what keeps us safe. It’s a part of our body and our mind keeping us in this safe, comfortable, knowing what to expect state. And also understand that there are resources available for you. This is an area I particularly love to help women with because sometimes these things are some deep rooted shit, and those gremlins have been there for decades, if not generations, whispering in your ear, making you think that you can’t do this thing, that you’re not strong enough, and That it’s too hard or you’re too old to make these changes that it costs too much, or whatever other line you’ve been telling yourself.

And when these little gremlins have been saying these things in your ear for so long, sometimes it’s going to take quite a while to uproot those nasty weeds. They’ve been there for a while. It’s gonna take some time and there’s only so much you can do with journaling, with affirmations, with talking it out.

And yes, these things can really be great for creating clarity. they are a fantastic tool. And they can only take you so far. So perhaps you feel like you’ve done all the things, you’ve done all the things you’re supposed to with embodying this particular thing. Perhaps you’ve even meditated over and over again.

You’ve done the affirmations, you’ve done the journaling workshops, and you are still feeling stuck. You still keep facing these blocks. You keep holding yourself back, staying quiet, playing safe, then it’s time for a different approach. And what I love about my particular practice and my approach is that is very holistic.

We go to the deep root issue. What’s lying underneath causing these different things, because it’s often very different than the situation at hand. So say it comes to speaking. Within your business. I’m coming from Sooke women in business. I’ve got the business stuff on my mind. So say you want to do these workshops, do these speaking gigs and you’re constantly saying, Oh, I need to be more prepared.

Oh, I need to do this, this, and this before I can even talk to someone about booking these particular speaking things. I need to have all my ducks in a row. I need to practice this amount of time. Okay. And then I will start building the relationships to eventually book speaking gigs. And so what’s often underneath this is a lack of confidence, a lack of true self trust, true self worth.

Knowing that you can make these things happen, and yes, you need to be prepared for your presentation, and you can start having conversations with people now. You can book a speaking thing. Perhaps you have a conversation. Someone is loving it and is like, yes, let’s do it. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be booked for the next day.

You have control in the situation. You have power in the situation. So perhaps you know what’s going on with your schedule, what it takes to create that workshop. That’s like, let’s book it for in three weeks and four weeks, whatever it is. Trust yourself. You can control this whole process and move through in a way that works for you.

And you don’t need to wait till everything, all of your ducks are in a row before you can even start that first outward step of making shit happen. If you’re finding yourself constantly coming up with these excuses, or needing to have this credential, or needing to have these things, these decks in a row, I will help you go a little bit deeper in addressing, like I said, that confidence, that trust, that self worth, in moving through this.

In a deeper way, going into your subconscious, going into your body and the way I work with women is reprogramming these things, reprogramming your nervous system and your subconscious with things like breathwork, embodiment and pleasure practices, as well as some different inner child healing tools. And yes, it does take some work.

It takes showing up for yourself, being dedicated in the process. And you know what, it makes lasting change. You’re not just going to talk about it and plan it. You will notice some real shifts in how you carry yourself and how when certain things are presented to you or certain conversations that you show up and that you react in a different way because we’ve actually gone so, so deep, deeper than that analytical thinking mind.

We’re able to reprogram those gut reactions that have actually nothing to do with your analytical mind. And that shit gets uprooted. And sure, there might be some stragglers hanging on, that little gremlin. Rearing its ugly head from time to time, and because you’ve rewired those neural pathways that help you deal with things, you are able to meet this little gremlin in a different way.

You understand how to handle it, and you’re more equipped to really switch gears, to be like, oh, hey, I hear you, oh, you’re coming up because you feel a little bit scared about this change. That’s fair, but you know what? I trust myself. I got this. I’m not believing these words you’re telling me. And then you carry on.

Then you do the thing. You say yes and figure it out.

And I gotta say it is It’s fucking incredible what is possible for you when you do this. You have that confidence from within. You don’t need external validation. You own your worthiness and feel confident to fight for it. If need be. You have that trust in yourself to navigate those sticky situations and you begin to say fuck yes, more and more, and fuck no.

And hold that no. And before you know it, yes after yes, no after no, your life completely changes.

So, fuck yes, I am here and I am Cheering you on. If you are feeling fired up after this episode, like I am right now, like, give me some choices. Like, fuck yes, fuck no, let’s do the thing. Please shoot me a DM or an email letting me know your thoughts. I would love to connect with you. And If you’re feeling called to go deeper into all of this shit, to begin to uproot those different things that have been placed in you for decades, if not for generations, I would be honored to support you in that journey.

Please feel free to book a complimentary catalyst call with me or just shoot a DM to chat either way. I am good. And that is it for now. Sending you off with love and urging you to trust your inner wisdom and make some magic.