If you have a womb, you need to hear the latest episode on the Unapologetic with Jannine MacKinnon Podcast, where Wellness and Womb Coach, Samantha Chandler shares her take on all things womb wellness. Whether you have a bleed, or deal with infertility, PCOS, Endimetriosis, low iron, or calcium buildup, there’s a ton of gold nuggets for you.

Unfortunately our medical system is trained a very specific way that leaves women to deal with their issues for a life time, or have their uteruses removed. Thankfully there’s another way, and things like nutrition and energy work, can completely change your life around leaving you feeling energized, vibrant, and in flow with your womanly cycle. We dive into all of this and more in this week’s episode.

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Womb Wellness with Samantha Chandler

  • How iron, copper, and retinol work in our system
  • How what we’ve been told keeps us feeling like crap
  • Optimal health
  • Infertility
  • PCOS
  • Endimetriosis
  • Nutrition
  • Working with emotions and energy

Samantha Chandler

Samantha Chandler is a Wellness & Womb Coach, a master Reiki, and soon to be a Root Cause Protocol Consultant. She struggled with heavy periods, irregular cycles, and hormonal balance which lead her down a path of questioning her body and intuition. Samantha overcame those challenges and now helps other women remove blocks that are preventing them from achieving the wellness they desire while focusing primarily with women who are struggling with fertility. She helps women unlock their dream wellness and ignite their fertility.

Website: www.wellnessandwomb.com

Instagram: wellnesswomb_

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Hello. Welcome to the show, Samantha.

Thanks for having me. I’m so excited to be here.

Me too. Yeah. I loved connecting with you on Instagram, seeing everything you share. So I’m really excited to see where this conversation takes us and just hear all of your knowledge because there’s so many different posts.

Let’s see. that you’ve posted where it’s like, Ooh, I didn’t know that. Ooh, that’s an interesting way of thinking about things. So I’m excited to be able to dig into it in a much like deeper way with a longer conversation today. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. So let’s dive right into things. I always start out by asking who you are, what you do and why you’re so

passionate about it.

So I’m Samantha Chandler. I am a wellness and womb coach. I’m also a master Reiki, and I am soon to be a root cause protocol consultant. And I work with women, who are going through all different stages of their life. But my primary focus is women who are struggling with their fertility. And, I like to use a blend of different modalities because I think it’s really important to not just focus on nutrition or not just focus on, Even say blood work as ways of trying to really get to the root cause.

I think that there can be energetic ways to go about it. I think intuition has a huge part of it and I like to think of fertility is just a reflection of our overall wellness. So I think it’s a great invitation to dig a little bit deeper and I really help my clients achieve that. And I think that’s.

Really, really amazing. So, the reason why I’m so passionate is when I was 12 or 13, I had heavy periods. I had, I was fainting from my periods. They were really, really painful. I was winding up in the ER because I was trying to figure out what was going on because they were so painful. And then, my parents were telling me, you know, you’re being dramatic, it’s not that bad.

And, it really led to a really long, lengthy process of me trying to figure out what the balance was because

I was told from an early age that my perspective isn’t the reality. And it sent me down this path of really self discovery and trying to figure out who I was.

o then in 2018, I slipped on some ice and I hurt my knee pretty badly.

And I went to see a specialist and he said that I would never recover. I would never go back to work. He had other women with the same injury and that just wasn’t going to happen. So I really started looking into nutrition and how that can help. Help us with healing. And within three days of cutting out gluten, my knee, I was able to walk again and I shortly went back to work.

Yeah, it was amazing. And, when I went back to see the specialist, he was like, you know, we obviously have so much to do about the research, you know, nutrition can be huge, but the reality is that that research exists, it’s just a matter of who’s looking for it. So, over the past, I guess, five years now, I’ve really been like a student of life and trying to figure out these, different connections because so many of my friends struggle with their fertility, and I just can’t think of anything greater than helping couples who are trying to conceive, because I think that there is a huge disconnect, between the support that they get and the support that they need.

Yeah, absolutely. It’s such incredible and needed work that you do. And I think a lot of women can relate to your journey with growing up, whether or not it is with those painful periods, but being told by your parents or by your doctors, like your reality is not true. Like you’re making too big of a deal about it.

You shouldn’t be feeling it this way and trying to push it. And that just compounds throughout life and often itself ends up showing up in different chronic illnesses and things like that. And with the doctor in your knee, just giving you that death sentence in a way, like it’s not going to heal. You’re not going to be able to return to work.

And it just shows that like

modern medicine absolutely has a time and a place. I wasn’t even going to super dive into this, but let’s do it. but. They’re trained in a very specific way. they have their certain rulebook they follow, their certain training that they do, and there’s so much more outside of that.

Like, you touched on with the research, it’s out there, but it’s depending who’s looking at it. And so, there is so much power in taking our health in our own hands, and really researching the different areas that we’re That can be supportive for us getting in touch with people like you, or people like me that have more of a holistic view of things that can look at.

Is it the energy of it? Is it the nutrition side of it? Is it the lifestyle? Is it like your relationships and your boundaries? There’s so many of these different things that really make a great impact on our health, and I love that you touched on how our fertility is a really big sign of our wellness.

Thank you And that’s something, again, I relate to so much is that I think our bleed and our libido are amazing signs of our wellness and our well being.

So I’d love it if you wanted to just dig into that a little bit more.

Yeah, absolutely. So, for me, I like to think that, I mean, we obviously speak English, but our body speaks through us, through signs, symptoms, and our intuition.

So those are the three ways that when we can actually understand the language of our body, then we can understand what it’s communicating with us, and then we can help give it what it needs. So, with Our bleed and our flow. a lot of people don’t realize that that if there’s actually blood clots in the flow, that’s a really great sign that the liver is struggling.

So that is, you know, a simple sign from the body where we might. completely overlook something like that. But that’s a great sign that, hey, I could support my liver a little bit better. And a lot of the times it’s going to be our liver that sign, giving me signs because, it’s a iron is attracted to it.

So when we’re born, we are born with 70 milligrams of copper in our liver and an ideal world. I’m sure that some babies aren’t born with that, but in an ideal world, it’s 70 milligrams of copper. And what happens is it’s a really delicate balance between iron and copper. So when iron isn’t moving, it can become stuck, in particular the liver.

And then, what happens over time is because iron suppresses copper, then You know, what our liver is supposed to have is an abundance of copper, doesn’t have it anymore. So I think that there’s a lot of signs that happen with our cycles. Like when I think back to me when I was 13, that was a really great sign that I was having dysfunctional iron and that it wasn’t actually moving.

And a great place to start would have been focusing on my health of my liver. So I think when we’re looking at, signs and signals, I mean, our liver isn’t going to give us pain. It’s not going to show up as pain, but it’s going to come up as signals and signs in the body. And I do think that, you know, the heaviness of the flow, the duration of it, the length of our cycles, all of those different things are really great indications of what our body is, is searching for that we can help it with.

Absolutely. I love it. If we could like dig into that even more, that’s so interesting to hear about the blood clots in your bleed. Cause I find myself like I’m fairly knowledgeable when it comes to our menstrual cycles and things like that. Like you, I’ve been a student of life in that particular area for probably three, four years at this point and have read quite a few books and things like that on it, but that’s one particular sign, that I hadn’t heard about.

And I actually do notice that from time to time, especially as using a cup, I’m able to get a lot more up close and personal with it than your average person who might use tampons or something else like that. And I have noticed that that. So that’s something I’ve mentally noted to look into. So thank you.

What are other some surprising signs that women just may not know about? You did touch a little bit in terms of the pain or the heaviness of the bleed, the duration of cycle. let’s expand that a little bit more in different things that women should potentially be looking out for.

So that having so it all ties back into iron.

So the way that iron is regulated is through monthly blood loss. So some women might have really, really heavy flows. and that is a sign, you know, some, some of my clients that I’ve had have said, like, my body is hemorrhaging and. I’m not sure how to stop that.

The body is intuitive. There is nothing that the body is doing where it’s one trying to kill us or it’s not sabotaging us in any way it’s way smarter than we think that it is.

So I think when we take that approach to it and we’re like, okay, my body is actually really, really smart. What is it showing me and how? How can I support it? So with heavy flow, that’s a good sign that iron is not moving the way that we need it to and that the body is trying to regulate that. So heavy flow or long flows.

So I think everybody knows what a heavy flow would be. It’s kind of hard to give a description of that, but if you’re looking at it and you’re like, I think this is probably pretty heavy. I think that I’m losing a lot of blood here. Then that’s a good sign that iron is trying to move, so the way that iron moves is through, three main parts.

A protein called a ceruloplasmin, and that is made in the liver. Another reason why the liver is so important. vitamin A in the form of retinol, which is only from bee or animal products. Sorry. And then, copper. So with those three ways that it moves, if the body doesn’t have those three ways, then iron isn’t able to move.

So I like to think of the protein ceruloplasmin as a bus, and it’s going to be what transports everybody through the body. Then we have The people say there’s 10 people, so they’re iron and they’re just waiting on the outside of the bus to hop on. Copper is the doorman. He opens it up and makes sure that everybody can board the bus.

And then vitamin A makes sure that the door locks and that copper and iron are on the bus so that everybody can go where they need to throughout the body. When we take iron supplements or prenatals or multivitamins, what happens is that lineup of iron gets a lot longer. So instead of 10 people waiting for the bus, now we have 100, but there’s no more buses.

buses are going to get run down because that’s really stressful and taxing on the body. And so when we’re having a heavy blood loss, a sign of that can be that that lineup of iron is really long and the body is doing what it knows how to do, which is through blood loss to try and lose extra blood to lose that extra iron that’s building up.

So the same thing with like a lengthy cycle, anything that would be longer than seven days would be considered longer. I’ve heard of women like using seed cycling and different things like that and that can be like really supportive and helpful, but the root cause is going to be focusing on the movement of iron throughout the body.

Okay, I love that visual because I had like a question like waiting to pop up is like when you say move through the body, what do you mean? And that was perfectly explained how you can really picture it with that bus and like, it’s ready to move through the body, but you need the copper to be able to let the iron in and the plasma to be able to keep everything together moving through.

So that is like really clear. So thank you for explaining it that way. now I’m curious, how does like. Iron supplementation playing into all of this because like my personal experience and this might get a little bit TMI But with my second pregnancy, that’s when I really had iron issues and that’s when I was vegetarian mostly vegan For over a year, because I noticed with my son with breastfeeding him, dairy and different things was, would just cause flare ups for him with colic and things like that.

And then there was a meat for personal choices. And so with my second pregnancy, my iron was quite low. And so I was doing supplementation with like the drink, trying to take it with some orange juice. Having a bunch of TUMs, which I’ve now later learned that isn’t the best thing for dealing with heartburn and pregnancy, and I think all those things combined, I had some really, really bad constipation issues.

And I didn’t realize that That supplementation and things like that could have played a role into it as well as the Tums. but in terms of the supplementation, when I saw your post like years later, so could you explain kind of what’s happening in that world of things?

So when we’re talking about the movement of iron, first of all, I just want to say, I think that what you experienced is something that a lot of women really go through.

And I myself took iron supplements in my second pregnancy. And that was the eye opener for me, because I had a first one that I could compare it to. And I didn’t have any constipation or anything like that. I took it at the end, like the last, I want to say three weeks of my pregnancy. But I didn’t have any breast milk come through.

None. My breast milk stopped. And before with my first, I could have fed the whole street. Like I had so much milk. And, that was incredibly frustrating, but it’s because the body was stressed. So, When we’re, it, it, it doesn’t surprise me that, iron would have been something that wasn’t flowing because we need the animal products, whether that’s through cod liver oil or through animal sources itself, like butter or, beef, even those are going to be what helps iron move.

So iron in the organs is different than iron in the blood and the, having a lack of iron in the blood is going to be. a sign or can be a sign that iron isn’t moving the way that we need it to. So when we go back to the image of iron waiting in the lineup and thinking of.

people waiting in the line. So say there’s a hundred people there. People don’t like to wait, and neither does iron. And what happens is, is if you think of a cast iron pan, if you were to leave water on it and leave it out, that would be oxygen, water, and iron all interacting, and those three things cause it to rust.

And that is the same thing that happens in the body. So when iron can’t move, It’s it’s interacting with oxygen and water, which is what causes it to rest. So this is why people will have things like high cholesterol and cholesterol is actually a good thing, because that means that it’s our body’s way of trying to stop the interaction of iron and oxygen from happening.

So if we don’t have, say, enough copper, then that’s what can happen is this, there’s no mode of transportation. So, I think, like, again, the body is very smart, so, constipation is, a really good sign that there’s something going on that we should look at changing. Because so many of the times we’re like, how do I stop this constipation from happening?

Like, I’m just going to keep taking these supplements and, but I’ll find another way to go about it. but it’s a good sign that. there’s something else we should be looking at doing in order to go about getting the outcome that we want. And same thing with TUMs. So magnesium and TUMs have like an inverse relationship.

So if we’re taking a lot of calcium, then it’s reducing our magnesium levels. And um, going back to constipation, Our magnesium is needed for our muscles to relax and contract. So, you know, exactly what’s going to be happening when we are trying to have a bowel movement. That’s just not there for that to happen.

Same thing with birthing. If we’re looking at the uterus contracting and relaxing. And when you’re looking at, heart problems, that’s quite literally what the heart is doing is relaxing and contracting. And so that’s when we can see her problems start to pop up. So that would have been,.

You know, a really, I imagine a really, stressful time for you having to, go through all those different things and try and figure out how to support your body because you’re doing all the things that you’re told to.

And I think that’s the most , frustrating part of it all is you’re doing what you’re told, but you’re still not.

Able to figure out why it’s not working the way that you want it to.

Absolutely. It’s so frustrating. Like, I could picture myself there, going through it, and it was not a pleasant time. And I think, like, what plays such a role in this is The normalization of these things that it’s okay, here’s the supplementation.

You can expect to have these side effects and that’s just a normal part of it. Like the constipation, different things like that. When these things are actually signs, like you touched on in the beginning, our body tells us signs, symptoms, and our intuition. And we get overrode saying oh, this is just a normal thing.

It’s fine. Keep trucking along. you intuitively know, something is off. I shouldn’t be struggling so much in this way. Our body is giving us these signs and symptoms, yet we are just covering up these symptoms instead of going to that root root cause. So having this knowledge of the way iron and copper works and what to look out for in terms of symptoms, of helping the body in terms of that iron and copper rather than just the go to iron supplements.

So getting those three things in are really important. So if we start with ceruloplasmin, a really great way to help your liver create more of it is through an adrenal cocktail. So an adrenal cocktail is made up of whole food, vitamin C, Which is really important because ascorbic acid blows up.

relain, so like this is again, another reason why I’m not a fan of prenatals or , multivitamins is most of the time it’s vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid, which is not the same. so whole food, vitamin C, then there’s potassium, and then there’s also. So those three things help the liver produce more ceruloplasmin, which is going to give you more buses to help move the iron.

And then, , I really encourage my clients to go really slowly through everything. So like, , it might take, , a little, adding just a little bit. So, Jigsaw is a company that you can buy an adrenal cocktail already pre made through. It tastes terrible, I will say that. It’s not, it’s not enjoyable in the slightest, , but it’s for somebody who’s like on the go.

They don’t want to have to worry about making something. You can just scoop it into some water and get it down kind of a thing. , And that is a really great way, , like I said, to help make more, more buses. And then. Looking at, like, if somebody was like, I really want to make sure that I’m getting more nutrients in, , while also helping support my body with copper, then desiccated beef liver is a really great way of doing it.

, because you’re getting, I like to think of it as like a multivitamin because you’re getting a bunch of nutrients and, , it’s really supportive. And the important thing is, is when we’re looking at. , because I’m not anti supplements. I think that we do need supplements, , because of the world that we live in.

Our food is just as not as rich that it used to be. , Especially if we have things like pharmaceutical medication, because pharmaceutical medication all contains iron. I don’t think that that’s a coincidence. And they, , are really taxing on our mineral stores. And then there’s the use of glyphosate, which is in rainwater and is all around us.

So all of those three things means that we really need to support our body through different means, which I like to use supplements for. But , it’s about natural supplements because I really think that we have evolved with these things over time and it’s a beautiful blend of different natural ways.

That they are all put together in ways that our body can actually digest rather than somebody behind the counter who is creating these things saying, yeah, I think this should work kind of a thing. I don’t know how they do it, but it doesn’t seem like they’re doing it in the way where it’s actually really supportive of the body.

So, , like I said, , desiccated beef liver is really great for helping get the copper in. , cod liver oil is a really great way for helping getting, , Retinol, and then I also really like oyster powder or herbs. , I like going to herbs a lot of the time because I think there’s so many different nutrients.

So it depends on like the person, kind of what they’re looking for. And, , yeah, but I, I think those are some really good staples.

Okay, that’s super helpful. I think in terms of the more natural supplementation and whole food vitamins and nutrients and things like that, a lot of it comes down to, , what within the cannabis world, at least it’s called the entourage effect.

And so what was seen there, and I used to be like, very within that industry for content creation. So, , what we’re creating is that when it comes to CBD, which is a like less psychoactive version, , that you can still relieve anxiety and things like that, if you get it completely refined with no THC in it, It’s not as effective at all and that’s because of that entourage effect where it has such low amounts of THC as well as a bunch of other cannabinoids, but we don’t even fully understand how well they all work together.

And so that’s similar as like saying orange or something like that compared to just straight up taking that vitamin C is all those different things work together like nature and humans have coincided. For thousands and thousands of years, and we work very synergistically with these whole foods with these whole natural supplementations.

I am curious though, because I just have never really eaten it before. I can’t remember the exact word you use, but for beef liver. , How do you eat that? Like, how do you mix that into your meals? , do you fry it up like any other kinds of beef or meat products? Or what does that look like and taste like?

So, , desiccated beef liver is it just in a capsule form? Oh, okay. That’s what I prefer. , because I have a really hard time with the texture of beef liver. , but some really great ways of going about eating it is because it, it does have a different texture and it does have a different taste. So if you were to, , chop it up really fine, or even, , what I’m going to start doing is grinding it up myself, which is just going to be mush and then putting it in like an ice cube tray.

And then so there’s just little tiny blocks that I can add to some ground beef. So you really won’t notice that it’s there, but it starts to change your taste buds and it starts to get you, , adjusted to it being in the food. So, , yeah, that’s like an easy way to go about ingesting it. I know that some people will eat it raw.

They’ll just dice it up and swallow it. That’s hardcore. Yeah. Yeah, I don’t know if I could do that, , but yeah, I, I’ve heard that that’s like another way to, to get it down.

Okay. Well, good to know the different options and that capsule form is available and there’s the different things with the grinding.

That’s a really smart idea to just do those little bits with that ice cube tray and mix it into what you’re already having just to get that added nutrient base to it. I’ve been hearing more and more about how good organ meat is. for us. , so it really piqued my curiosity. So it’s nice to know that there’s many different options for incorporating that into our diet.

Yeah. Yeah. It is really great. And there’s like, I take two, so I take desiccated beef liver because it’s the highest concentration of copper, but I also take an organ blend where it’s got heart and spleen and a bunch of different nutrients in it. And, , I don’t think that there’s a lot of talk about the spleen in particular, but it’s a shame to me because I think that it’s so important and it works really, , like synergistically with the liver.

So, when our bodies are supposed to make red blood cells every 120 days, but what happens is when our iron is out of balance, then our spleen will flag cells for delete, like the, for removal every 20 days. So that would be like trying to run a 5k and saying, okay, I’ll do it in 30 minutes, which would be normal and then saying, okay, now I’ll do it in five minutes and that would be like insane, but that’s what we’re asking our bodies to do day in and day out.

And so, you know, mistakes are going to happen at that point because it’s getting run down. And we know that it’s important to support the spleen because when we’re looking at like holistic ways to support with postpartum, it’s all about warm foods. It’s about staying warm yourself, like making sure that your feet and your neck stay warm.

, there are all of these different things and those all really support the spleen. , what happens is, is when. Along with all of the other jobs that the liver is doing, when the spleen says, okay, every 20 days now we’re taking these cells out, , they go to the liver and then the liver makes them into bile.

So, , you know, it’s, it’s a lot of work that’s going on. So I think that I mean, we consume liver. I don’t think again, it’s no coincidence. We consume liver from a beef and that helps our liver. So I, , I don’t, I haven’t read any research to, you know, support this, but just intuitively, it makes sense that consuming spleen would support the spleen.

Absolutely. Yeah. Oh, I didn’t even know that this kind of capsules and supplementation existed. So that’s really interesting to definitely something to expand into even more. , so we’ve touched on how all of these things really relate to our overall wellbeing and wellness. I’m having this iron and copper and I keep forgetting exactly how you say it, but the plasma, what is it?

The vitamin A in the form of retinol. Are you talking? Yeah.

Yeah, so retinol. I can remember that one. That’s easier for me. , but having these supporting our liver, supporting our spleen, but how does this tie into our fertility and I’d assume overall just our hormone health?

So when we’re looking at the movement of iron, it’s stressful on the body when it’s not moving.

And that means that our cells aren’t getting the energy that they need. So if you think of like a pyramid, think of signs and signals at the very top, and then we have hormones, and then we have cells, and then we have our mitochondria. And when it comes down to the movement of iron, it all comes down to the energy that our mitochondrias are able to get.

So, , For any cell in the body, you’re going to have about 500 mitochondria inside that one cell. If you go to say the liver, the liver has 2, 000 mitochondria per cell, the heart has 10, 000. And then when we’re looking at an egg that’s ready to be fertilized, it has anywhere between 100, 000 to 600, 000 mitochondria inside of it.

So that means that there is a lot of energy that is required. For that cell. , and we know that because we’re going to be growing life. So that’s why it’s so important to focus on the movement of iron itself, because that is what’s going to support ourselves to have the energy. if you’re suffering from things like fatigue or low energy, or, certain times of the day, or you’re having a hard time, that can be a sign, like, especially if it’s between the hours of one and three, , because that is a sign that in Chinese medicine, the liver.

So those are different signs to say, , Hey, you know, there’s, there’s some improvement that we could have here. And like, I don’t think that there’s any person on earth that couldn’t benefit from working on their wellness. And I think that, , when we start to look at things, Like a little bit more simplistically and looking at it like, okay, if I focus on this movement and like movement has so many different parts to it too, because a lot of the time we like to think of it as just moving our bodies and that is part of it, but it’s the movement of emotions.

It’s the movement of thoughts. It has so many different components to it. And I think it’s really beautiful that iron ties into that because it is so important. And then that does. Turn back and reflect on our overall wellness as a whole. , especially say if you’ve had, , more than one pregnancy, because then that means that you’re going to have less minerals if you’re not focusing on replenishing them.

So like for myself, I’ve had two kids already. I’m going to have a third, but I’m giving myself a year from when I finished breastfeeding to help get those stores built up. So, , vitamin A in the form of retinol takes about 200 days to really take off. So like with active supplementation, , It’ll do like a steady incline, but it takes a really long time.

And breast milk is mainly, , retinol. It’s really, really depleting on that store. And if we don’t have retinol, then we can’t become pregnant. So a lot of women, , you look at like the low fat craze, , where that has taken it out of so many people’s diet. , and replaced it with seed oils. Well, seed oils are inflammatory and that also means that we’re getting less retinol than we were before.

And there was a study done with rats where they removed all retinol from their diet and they were not able to get pregnant. Then they added a little bit of retinol and they were having birth defects primarily in the heart. So it is really important to make sure that we’re having retinol in our diet and that we’re having, , adequate amounts to really build that store up.

And I know that nobody struggling with their fertility wants to hear that that takes 200 days, that’s a really great sign that, , One, we can heal our bodies. And two, this is a marathon. It’s not a sprint. So things like, for example, when we’re looking at PCOS, there’s studies that show that women who have PCOS are at higher risks of gestational diabetes, which is no surprise because, , of blood sugar management.

They’re at an increased risk or, , have a higher because I really don’t like the word of saying risk, but I can’t remember what the statistics were off like the actual numbers off the top of my head, but, , you know, there’s, , higher chances of stillborns and, , miscarriages and all of these different things that obviously nobody wants, but it’s because we’re not focusing on the root cause, which I believe to be the movement of iron prior to the pregnancy, so that we can really support the body through it.

Because to me, the goal isn’t just to get pregnant. It’s to one, be the healthiest versions of ourselves that we can be. It’s to grow a healthy baby. And then, , and then we can focus on like the overall picture of what we really want. But it is, our health is the paramount part of that puzzle.


Like the main kind of goal or concern with the women you are working with is to get pregnant with their fertility and the sign of or the symptoms from them not getting pregnant are signs that there’s something going on with their overall health and that should be addressed regardless of the pregnancy or not.

And so for those not necessarily looking to get pregnant, pregnant, but still experiencing many of these things. These are all things that really can support us in our overall health. , so you touched on PCOS a bit. I’m also curious how endometriosis, , works into all of this as well. Cause I hear like those are, and the two big ones that so many women unfortunately are dealing with.

And it’s such a struggle, , with trying to get pregnant and the overall monthly or even erratic bleeds, but the pain that comes with that. , so how does that one tie into it?

So endometriosis is just a copper deficiency, which can happen because, um, think of it like if you picture. , Like an old fashioned scale where one side can tip and the other one would be, you know, less when, when there’s too much iron, then, you know, it suppresses copper.

So it’s about that balance, the delicate balance between the two and, , and same thing with PCOS. I mean, the reason why when focusing on blood sugars is so beneficial is because copper is the first line of defense before insulin. So our hormones are made as a result of the balance between iron and copper.

So anybody with high estrogen has, , , iron that’s trapped in the organs because, , our body is again, very smart and it’s trying to find ways to solve this problem. So. , when we focus on making sure that we’re getting enough copper that our iron is regulated, then what happens is, is that we’ll see the balance of the blood sugars even out.

And what mean, that means is that there’s, , there’s more copper there. So when we’re taking away that stress, And we’re helping the body reach a state of balance, then, you know, we can see the regulation of the periods come back. We can see the blood sugars be at a more state of balance. And, , I feel like these women feel lost because, , so many of them see that there is a solution that is a lot more simple than what they’re being led to believe.

And I think that it’s really frustrating when they’re being told things. That are like planting a seed for for what their outcome is going to be so like for example with PCOS a lot of my clients will be told like, you know, you might never conceive. That is a terrible thing. , to be told, first of all, and now that seed has been planted.

So whether or not that was the outcome or not now that is what they believe is their reality. And, . You know, not to the same extent, but when I was told that I would never return to work, I wouldn’t run again, like, that was absolutely heart wrenching. And, , I just, I think that a lot of these women are waking up and are thinking there has to be a solution to this that I’m not being told and they can just, , intuitively feel that there is a much simpler solution, , to what they’re looking for, but they can’t put their finger on it yet until they find me and then they’re like, Oh yeah, this makes sense.

Yes, and it’s incredible that there’s resources like you out there because I, I know a handful of women who have either had hysterectomies or like just waiting to have one because they are tired of the pain their uterus Um, um, and it’s really important because, um, a lot of people who have been told that they should have one of these, um, have been told that they should have one of these, um, because they want to have kids.

And it was so interesting to hear you say like, oh, it’s just a copper deficiency. Like, this is what we can do about it. When I think so many women are told hysterectomy is the only way to deal with it.

And to be fair, medically. That would be the way to deal with it, right? Because they’re not taught about the regulation of minerals.

, they don’t understand that’s not in their, you know, case of what they’re dealing with. Like, like you said, there’s a time and a place for the, the medical world. But when we’re looking at, , When we’re looking at these things, these are really just signs, like it’s a medical label that’s attached to signs and symptoms.

, but when we’re looking at solving it, well, we don’t, we don’t need the medical system to go about solving it. And , I think that there’s a lot of power in knowing how to go about healing yourself because like nobody else can heal us, only we can. , and I think that that is really important. So, refreshing when you start taking that approach to things that these women all have the ability to heal themselves and I think that’s what a lot of them are looking for, but they just don’t know where to go.

Because a lot of the times, too, when we’re struggling with our fertility, where do we go? We go to a doctor because that’s what we think is, you know, the best way to help us. But, , a lot of the times I think that it is better to stay out of the medical system and find ways that are more natural that align with what the individual is looking for, , to help support their body because I don’t think that covering up anything is, is the best way to go.

Absolutely. And it really comes down to , following your intuition, your gut instinct, or wherever that instinct is coming from for like, these symptoms are signs of something else.

What path is feels aligned for me to follow that curiosity, to do my learning, to reach out to different coaches and things like that and follow that path for that overall holistic wellness.

Because like we’ve touched on, there’s so many different factors that play a role and like, yes, medically remove the uterus, the uterus is not going to give you issues is like, that makes sense. And there are ways to support the uterus rather than just removing it entirely. And unfortunately, that’s just not the way so many people are trained, so that’s why I’m so glad we are having this conversation and getting that information out there to the women who really need to hear it. , so I wanted to also touch on real quick because I saw one of your posts. And I thought it would be another good thing to bring up that ties into all of this is those success rates.

So I believe you touched on in terms of the retinol, it takes 200 days. That’s a little bit disappointing to hear that it’s going to take so long to really start seeing these results. But what are the success rates when it comes to things like IVF and IVI?

So, , IVF has a success rate of around 55 percent and, , IVI, I want to say is slightly higher.

I think that it’s in the 60s. I could be wrong, , but it is a lot higher once you’ve done multiple Sessions of it. And, ,when we’re looking at just nutrition alone, which I think is like astonishing when you actually look, , and compare the two just nutrition alone had, there was one study where they had over 300 participants, 37 percent of them struggled with their fertility before the study, and 89 percent of them were pregnant within a year of the study.

Which is like, that’s cute.

I got chills hearing

that. Yeah. And that’s only nutrition. Like that’s just focusing on nutrition. And, , I think that’s so important for people to realize that yeah, nutrition plays a huge role, but there’s other ways to really ignite your fertility too. And a lot of that has to do with the movement of.

of energy. And some of my clients, , it’s so sad. They’ve been struggling for so long. They’re not sure if they deserve to have a baby. They’re not sure if, , they have this self doubt that they’ve come to. So that’s another way that I think is, , Paramount to support them because, , they’ve doubted themselves for so long that they’re not really sure anymore.

And so I think that it’s really important to help them focus on the energetic side of things. And I don’t think that that’s like a paramount thing. I don’t think anybody’s like, I really need to focus on moving my energy, but it is, it is really critical. So I like to focus on talking about like the nutritional side of things, but the energetic side of things.

is like first and foremost on, on things because I really think that our minds are so much stronger and , have the ability to heal us if we really believe that’s true. Like when we’re looking at say the womb, Our wound space. So again, it goes back to iron. When iron is dysregulated, it can lead to calcium growths.

So we can see things like, , fibroids or, you know, different growths happening on our ovaries and our uterus. And so that leads to a lack of blood flow, which is not what we want when we’re trying to conceive. But, , and I myself believe that that when I was having so much pain with my periods, that that was what I was dealing with because I actually had a cyst on my, , uh, cervix.

It was an assist. It was a, , I can’t think of what the word was, but it’s basically like a calcium growth there. And, , so that again is a sign that iron was dysregulated because they come, that’s how it shows. And I think that when we start to think of our body and focus on the thoughts that we have, along with that, then it changes things like instead of Having, I mean, they’ve done it with plants or studies with plants where, you know, you talk to plants differently and you’ll see it grow differently.

It’s the same with our bodies. So I think that while nutrition has 89 percent success, I think that it’s like critical to look at the words that we use and, , how we’re thinking about ourselves to really like, I, I, I don’t think that unless there was. I mean, somebody didn’t have a uterus. I don’t think that there’s any way that, , we could, like, limit people when they, if they truly believe that they can create it.

I think the universe wants that to happen for them.

Absolutely. I completely agree. And oh, there’s so many parts of what you just said that I’m like, yes, I get what the. 89 percent success rate through nutrition. That is huge. Like that’s amazing. I’m so glad we get to put that out there for other women to hear.

And I’ve seen that time and time again within different medical issues and things like that as well. Like personally for me, ADHD, that’s what really solved it for me. I was at a really big, low, I want to say 2, perhaps even 3 years ago at this point, , where it was just really bad and tied into that with anxiety and some depression as well.

And so I went to a doctor, , after seeing like, do you tick these boxes? You might have ADHD. And so went that route. , I tried some medication and I was like, okay, now we need to try something else. And it’s going to take months to try and find what works well for you in terms of managing side effects.

And so that’s where I had a moment truly thinking about it. Like, okay, if it’s going to take months to sort out these different pills and the right dosage and all of these different things. Going the holistic route, let’s just give myself that three months to go full blown on that, and nutrition was like the main key piece as well as some others, and let’s see what happens.

If it’s going to take three months either way, let’s do this, because with the medication, The worst that’s going to happen is dealing with a bunch of different side effects and feeling like shit going through that process. On the holistic side, the worst that’s going to happen really is like getting some really great habits underneath my belt and feeling better in other ways.

If it doesn’t happen to help in the one and nutrition made a massive. It’s a massive impact for me. And

I’ve also seen it in terms of SSRIs and things like that in terms of managing depression and anxiety where those pills that are prescribed more and more increasingly so actually have terrible success rates and things like nutrition.

Lifestyle mushrooms have way higher success rates than those pills that are being handed out to everyone. So there’s so many other options available.

And then in terms of moving the emotions, like that is huge. That’s something I’ve noticed in my work. White a bit, like, especially if we’re focusing in terms of sexuality and the shame that comes with it, , lack of confidence, there can even be some disgust or different things like that.

Our body is holding on to so much of these emotions and when it is tied to our authentic selves with our sexuality, with our femininity and our wombs, that is all in our system. second chakra. It is all within our womb space and is holding on to that. And that’s how that energy manifests itself into all of these different physical symptoms.

So being able to , address the mindset, the thoughts, and being able to move the energy with things like breath work and somatics and pleasure practices and all these things. things really give that full holistic supportive, like wellness prescription with the nutrition and these things to really support yourself from the inside out was like,

Oh yes.

So agree. Yeah. It’s amazing. And , I think that there’s so much, , I mean, everybody’s on their own journey, and everybody’s journey looks a little bit different, but I think there’s key things that we all go through, and that we overcome, and I think, like, the shame is one of them, and, , I kind of like to think of it like a pyramid.

Where at the bottom, like we’re trying to stay at a state of balance and work our way up to the top. And, you know, we’re kind of like, it takes a long time on either end of the spectrum to get back. But once we start to figure out what that balance is, like when you come out of the balance, , you’re more aware and you know how to get back up to the top a lot quicker and when we focus on energy, I think that’s a huge part of it because.

Well, a lot of the time, again,, I think it’s easier for me to say, , you know, taking vitamin A in the form of retinol, here’s a supplement for that, whereas when we’re like, well, there’s some energy that could be stuck here, and it’s like, well, I don’t really want to touch that, you know, it’s like, I don’t know if I’m really ready to dive into that.

And I experienced that in my first pregnancy, I was dealing with PTSD and depression and anxiety. And I knew that something wasn’t right in my head space when I was pregnant, but I was like, I’m going to wait until the end of pregnancy. And then I’m going to deal with it. And I don’t recommend that for anything.

But it was a really steep learning curve that I went through and it all came down to energy and releasing that energy. And what’s really beautiful I think is when we think about energy and like the movement of it is we can create our own future. So that stuck energy is creating an emotion. So like for example, , if you were to think about something that’s really happy that you’ve experienced, and then you think about something that you really want, what you’re doing is you’re putting it out into the universe with those happy emotions.

But when we think about energy that’s stuck, you know, and a lot of the time we do hold it in our womb space, is we’re reliving those emotions and we’re putting it out into the universe that, you know. We are attracting that now, and so it is a huge, huge shift when we start to focus on that and how we can improve things.

Absolutely, it really does make an impact and it’s, it’s hard when you are really at that depth of it, feeling all of these symptoms like you touched on when you’re in that bottom level dealing with it. It is hard, but as you like work through those trenches, have the support, that nutrition is that incredible foundation and that gives you the energy and noticing those slight shifts That you’re really able to focus on that mindset, on the energy side of things, and like you touched on, once you get to a point where you feel quite in balance, when things start to slide one way or the other, because , that’s life, things happen, you catch it so much quicker, and you’re equipped to kind of like bring yourself back into balance.

, so when you’re in there and it’s hard, , There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Like it does get better. It does get easier. So with that in mind, we have just been chatting away. I’ve been loving this conversation with you. Thank you. , do you have any last tips or messages that you want to put out there for women listening, whether they are struggling with fertility or perhaps it’s hormone health in general and just noticing really struggling with some of these


They have, , the power. To create the future that they want and anybody that tells them different, , is somebody that they don’t need to see anymore. They can go suck it. Yeah. Yeah. Their wellness. They are worthy of the wellness that they desire and they deserve, , to live the best life that they are seeking and it is out there.

And, , I think that when they. So, um, if they’re worthy of it, things will change.

Absolutely. I completely agree. I think I touched on this in podcast episode. That’s just out now at the time of recording. And it’s just, we have the power to make that change. Like life doesn’t need to just happen to us going through.

Like we can choose our reality and focus on that, visualize it and create it for ourselves. . Thank you so much. You are an incredible resource. Where can listeners find you if they want to connect?

So my website is wellnessandwomb. com. They can find me there or Instagram, which is wellness womb and an underscore at the end.

So wellness womb underscore.

Awesome. Nice and easy. I will have those linked in the show notes. So thank you so much again. This was such a pleasure. You’re such a wealth of knowledge. I’ve got this like to do list now to look into the beef liver and the organs and all the things. So thank you. I really appreciate it.

Thanks for having