Welcome, I’m Jannine.

Your Sexual Empowerment Coach

And I’m on a mission to help women all over the world experience deeper connection and more expansive pleasure in all areas of their lives. 

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The greatest transformation comes through the taboo.

When you pursue deep acceptance, self love, confidence, and connectedness through sacred sexuality, the impact ripples throughout your life. 

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Honey Pot Meditation

The free Honey Pot Meditation is a potent AF 12 minute visualization to support you in connecting with your sexuality and rewiring your subconscious with the confident radiant energy you’d love to embody.

The Unapologetic with Jannine MacKinnon Podcast

We’re here to help women like you, to thrive as your most radiant and authentic self. 

S2 Ep46 - Build Confidence and Sensuality with This Meditation
S2 Ep46 - Build Confidence and Sensuali...
This meditation is like no other that you have tried before. At least that's how I felt when I first practiced...
July 16, 2024
S2 Ep45 - 5 Ways the Queen's Code Shifts Your Perspective About Men
S2 Ep45 - 5 Ways the Queen's Code Shift...
The Queen's Code by Alison Armstrong is hands down, the most impactful book I've read in the last few year...
July 09, 2024
S2 Ep44 - Womb Wellness with Samantha Chandler
S2 Ep44 - Womb Wellness with Samantha C...
If you have a womb, you need to hear the latest episode on the Unapologetic with Jannine MacKinnon Podcast, where ...
July 02, 2024
S2 Ep43 - 5 Reasons Why You've Lost Your Libido
S2 Ep43 - 5 Reasons Why You've Lost You...
Popular opinion will tell you that losing your libido is just a part of aging and that it's something you just...
June 27, 2024
S2 Ep42 - Anger and Intense Emotions of Motherhood with Melissa Denuzzo
S2 Ep42 - Anger and Intense Emotions of...
In this conversation with my Circle Co-Facilitator, Melissa Denuzzo, we chat about anger and the intense emotions ...
June 20, 2024
S2 Ep41 - Nourish Yourself With This Simple Pleasure Practice
S2 Ep41 - Nourish Yourself With This Si...
Could you use some extra nourishment and vitality? If so, tune in and learn the simple pleasure practice you can d...
June 18, 2024
S2 Ep40 - Why You Feel Like You Can’t Trust Your Instincts - How to Tap Into Your Inner Knowing
S2 Ep40 - Why You Feel Like You Can’t...
Women have been conditioned to play small, keep quiet and not make waves. Through doing so it's caused us grea...
June 11, 2024
S2 Ep39 - Unlock New Levels of Confidence and Sexual Desire With Embodiment Practices
S2 Ep39 - Unlock New Levels of Confiden...
Embodiment Practices are the key piece to my transformation from overwhelmed, disconnected, and short tempered, t...
June 05, 2024
S2 Ep38 - Finding Your Voice With Kyla Gagnon Breathwork Facilitator
S2 Ep38 - Finding Your Voice With Kyla ...
Today is a very special guest episode with Kyla Gagnon. Kyla is a somatic breathwork facilitator, women's embodime...
May 29, 2024
S2 Ep37 - Why Finding Balance Is Unattainable
S2 Ep37 - Why Finding Balance Is Unatta...
 Have you ever felt guilty about missing out on work or spending too much with work? Do you feel like you are ca...
May 22, 2024

“Okay seriously….. Ladies…. If you are feeling disconnected from your body, from your feminine energy…. Then you NEED to listen to the podcast! 

Jannine is taking women’s empowerment up a notch and helping women reconnect with their true essence. 

If you are ready to elevate your relationship with yourself – and others – (especially after Motherhood) then check her out!!!”

– Lora D

1:1 Coaching

For women ready to: 

– Feel confident no matter what room you’re in
– Drop the hyper independence and soften into your feminine flow
– Ignite your sexual life force energy
– Have more presence with your family
– Bring passion and connection back into your relationship

Unapologetic Practices

A collection of embodiment practices to help you bring more passion and playfulness into your life. 

It’s been such a pleasure getting to work through my healing journey with Jannine.

“Her presence is really calming. Healing can be such a hard journey, and I have always felt safe enough to show up being myself and ready to explore what she has set for our sessions.

This isn’t like normal therapy either, it’s really about getting you involved and breaking through your trauma and out to the other side. It’s truly helped me bring such a transformation in my life and break down walls I have struggled with for so long.”

– Taylor A.

Unapologetic Woman

A woman who loves herself, fully accepts her shadows, and is so sure of herself that she couldn’t give two f@cks about what others think.